Roqayah’s Story

Roqayah’s Story What I Faced and How I Changed Growing up as a refugee of war, I faced huge losses and dealt with great chaos. These and other events in my life have taught me not necessarily to enjoy change, but certainly how to adapt to it. I was born in Iraq...

Bushra and Zeyad’s Story

Bushra & Zeyad’s Story We Met Hope Along the Way It was a seven-year journey from Iraq to Jordan to the U.S. for Bushra, Zeyad, and their children. They arrived in Chicago in 2014 (from sand to snow) and stayed focused on their desire to become U.S....

Ahlam’s Story

Ahlam’s Story A Disappearance in Damascus Ahlam began her life in Iraq. She was required to flee her country after being kidnapped by al-Queda for running a humanitarian aid center after the war. She fled to Syria and became a “fixer” (someone who provides...

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