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Annual Event 2022 Featured Video


Annual Event 2022 – Full Zoom Meeting


Annual Event 2021 Featured Video

The theme of this year’s annual benefit was “Gather for Good.” Three of our families shared special recipes and stories of their lives and culture. The making of the video was a way for our families to reflect and connect who they are and where they come from to their new home and new friends, building a bridge between two cultures. There was great resonance among our community members and their generous donations will help support five newly arriving Afghan families. You can view the recording of the entire event here.


Annual Event 2020 Featured Video

BPB produced “Belonging,” our first video in 2020 for the Annual Event, which went virtual due to the pandemic outbreak. BPB works with the families we mentor to help our new friends achieve stability, success and ultimately, a sense of belonging in their new home. In this video, you will see how important it is for refugees to have support, respect and love from welcoming communities. We presented an 8 minute version of Belonging at the Annual Event.



BPB in highly engaged with our families and the community at large. We not only walk with new refugees, who become part of our family, but we also partner with other community based organizations to broaden strengthen community support and work with our local politicians to help shape the policies that help to support refugees and welcoming communities.


Ahlam (Al-Jebory) Mahmood, former refugee from Iraq and Co-founder of Building Peaceful Bridges, has emerged from the violence and terror of war, losing everything she knew, to become a leader and beacon of light for all refugees.

Ahlam Mahmood, spoke at the Homes Not Borders fundraiser and storytelling night on September 30, 2021.

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