We thank you for your generous contributions to Haroun, Kaltouma, and their family. We have met the fundraising goal of $6000 for rent support (50% rent for six months).

You did it!

Fundraising Goal Met

Raised: $6,000 (50% rent for 6 months)

This refugee family of seven arrived in the U.S. after five years in a refugee camp in the Central African Republic. Like many refugee families, the COVID pandemic has caused a loss of income for this family. Even though Haroun is working hard, his reduced hours do not generate enough income to support his family. Kartouma attends daily ESL classes and cares for the family. Please read their story in our Spring Quarterly Report.

The family thanks you for assisting them through the challenging months ahead. BPB is very grateful for your continued support of our refugee families and your volunteerism to deliver the support.

One of the most important things you can do to support refugees currently in the U.S. is to provide a bridge to affordable housing. This financial support allows these vulnerable families to build meaningful, safe and stable lives. BPB, with your help, will continue to provide a bridge to affordable housing for future refugee families.



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